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by admin / Oct 7, 2019 I did not lose, said Nasir

Where is Nasser Hussein now? The answer was, the national league in front of the Mirpur Sherpangla Stadium! I was coming to Mirpur daily. Work with fitness, exercise. You will live in Mirpur.

But if the scoreboard is from international cricket, it has been nearly two years since Nasser disappeared. During the first three years of his career, he played in Bangladesh. There will be traffic over the next four years. There is no “transition” since the triple play series in the country on January 25! He has been out of Bangladesh for almost two years. How much I took during the long break. In April last year, he suffered a serious knee injury while playing football with friends. He was off the pitch for about seven months after suffering a knee injury. Are you able to spend time without getting out of the field? An emerging model accused social media of sending a series of video messages. BPL returned in January with a battle of controversy.

BPL does not mention fertility. Sylhet Sixers got a chance to play 5 games. Not only sitting on the side seat the next day, it was another bitter experience. Despite being a star cricket player for Sylhet, the management did not take him to Sylhet. Naseer had nothing to do with him but to digest silently because time was not right. He played in the Premier League last year, but could not extend the series. Sheikh Jamal got 5 runs and 3 texts in 4 games for Dhanmondi.

Nasir disappeared again after the Dhaka Premier League last April. BCB didn’t get a chance. Four months of the game normally. Of course, Nasir said that despite his disappearance, he did not lose, “I did not lose, I am. Trying to return to the national team. After the Premier League in Dhaka, he did not play in a way that he would have played well. In band A. There is a national league in front. I will try to play well here and back. ‘

He made another push before returning to the national league. You cannot pass the fitness test in the first round. Where I got 1.3 to achieve a minimum of 5 in the beep test. The same test will be given again tomorrow. This time is the hope, the obstacle will be overcome, ‘I was out of the game for a long time. That’s why lack of fitness. We hope to work on it for a week or two well. ”

He didn’t say that, but how do you face the challenge of returning to the national team? His role in the Bangladeshi team, irregular beating and the lower middle-class – now has the role of young people such as Mehdi Hassan Mirage, Mossadeg Hussein, Afif Hussain. It’s hard to find a place to lose, but Nasser’s confidence in the Bangladesh team, who can return, is not easy. I am still confident that if I play well I will return to the national team. The challenge was good for the team. The more players in the same role, the more advantageous the team. I must suffer more than ever. I think, if you play well, you can go back to the national team. Bangladesh team door is open to everyone. ”

It has been eight years since he entered the international arena. Despite being a “cricket star”, he was forced to respond. In this case, if he can maintain the continuity of his career, he will not read. Is he less responsible for this? However, he does not agree with this 26-year-old role: “This is what I do with age-based cricket. When I played well, I didn’t talk about it. Of course, if we play badly, that’s good. We have a culture If you play well, you won’t talk about it. ”

The National League once again gets Nasser as a platform for proof. Currently it aims to shoot this local first class cricket.

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