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by admin / Oct 7, 2019 ‘Sad’ goes to Mahmudul, New Zealand series Bangladesh

Mahmoud Hassan was sent off for 5 minutes in the previous game. No more wasting opportunities today. He is a racket man in the Bangladesh under-5 team. His century, Bert Sutcliffe, won the New Zealand U-5 team with five texts in the Oval. Bangladesh won the five-day youth matches of the day one to one.

Mahmoud set an unexpected record in the second game. He was separated as the first hit man from Bangladesh to score 5 runs, fifth in the history of youth ODI. Until today, the stage was ready for him to play good roles. The young Kiwi didn’t have a whole lot of bats first. The team scored 221 works for 5 wickets. Bangladesh defeated opening match Anik Sarkar by five games. In this case, the team could have lost. But after scoring his first century in cricket at the age of three, Mahmoud confirmed the win.

The Bangladeshi youth defeated the New Zealand U-4 team with five goals in the third match of the one-day youth series in Bat Sutcliffe Oval. For less than four years, Bangladesh have confirmed their five-match winning streak 1-3. Mahmoud Hassan denied his chances of getting out after scoring a century in the first match.

Mahmudul played unbeaten roles from 5 out of 4 balls and four games. He scored 5 runs for the second girl with a good upholstery opening. Mahmoud then confirmed the victory with the unification of Hearts with an average of 120 bets. Tanged scored 4 runs outside 5 balls. Unite record with a bat 5 running around 5 balls.

Bangladesh team is field. Photo: Blackcap Twitter Page
Bangladesh team is field. Photo: Blackcap Twitter Page
Before that, only FF Lallman had fought for New Zealand. He played unbeatable roles of 5 runs. The fall is that the batman scored a century unbeaten in all three games. The team’s second highest score was 11th with Dixon (25). Hassan Saqib, Hassan Murad and Abhishek Das took the two share.

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