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by admin / Oct 7, 2019 This time the BCB is giving special importance to the test

BCB filled vacancies in the training team after the World Cup, but not all of them were available in the Chittagong and Tri-Twenty20 test series last month. Akram Khan, head of cricket management at BCB, confirmed the full training crew at the training camp, which started on October 25 before the India tour.

The visit to India is of particular importance to the BCB. This is not the first full round in India, but the testing tournament in Bangladesh began with this round. This time BCB gives importance to the test series separately as a test tournament. That is why Bangladeshi players are forced to play two rounds of the National League. In the past two months, two teams from BCB have played in India, with some regular members of the testing team.

To explain the importance of the test series against India, Kal Akram said, “You know India is the best team. They are stronger at home. This will be our toughest round. The tour will start with our test tournament. With that in mind, we have sent two teams to India twice. “By thinking about the test, we planned that the players would play two rounds in the national league.”

Bangladesh will play a two-match test series in India in November. The first test will begin on November 7. The tour started with the Bangladesh Test Tour. The Bangladesh Cricket Council (BCB) therefore attaches particular importance to the India Tour.

BCB confirmed that everyone is on the training team to better prepare for the tour to India. Daniel Vittore, Spin’s bowling advisor, will join the team for the first time. The rest of the training team will join the team before 20 October. Coach Russell Domingo and fast bowling coach Charles Langfelt presented his first test against Afghanistan after the World Cup and Sri Lanka. Physio Julian Calvato also appeared in the Chittagong test.

McKenzie has until now served as a multiplication consultant in the ODI and T20 editions. BCB wants to use the previous Proteas opener in the test as Bangladesh does not have an ODI match. Akram confirmed that McKinsey will be with the team in the first test after the Twenty20 triple series in India, “McKinsey will arrive before the test series. It will be in the first test. If the same coach has two red and white balls for two balls, this is good for the team. I, but it can not be said in the second test.He deals only with Twenty20 and ODI games, we do not have his contract in the test.But if Mackenzie was in three versions, well.He was the three editions coach in South Africa.But since there are some problems in Giving time to his family, we are talking about it. ‘

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